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Questions & Answers with Community Members

Corporate and Economic Growth

Q: What type of corporate and economic growth opportunities do you feel are the best for our community and should be supported by our local government?

Corporations are certainly a plus to most communities, in Liberty Lake, they add to the revenue base, mostly by way of property taxes.

Small businesses are a bit more flexible and amenable to the local community. They tend to be locally owned and operated, they hire from the local community base and tend to be more able to move, change, expand, and adapt to the changes in the economy a bit better. Although they too can become unstable if they have not been appropriately developed— municipalities can aid new and small businesses with their growth plan making them more likely to succeed.

Small companies grow from the inside out, which allows them to focus on the communities bottom line—generating revenue that is derived domestically—leveraging the ability for those dollars to remain in the city where produced. The money stays in the community.

I would support and recommend that our local government maintain that both types of business entities remain an integral part of this small bedroom community, where both corporations and small business enterprises support the sustainability of our local economy.

The revenue generated from both corporate and small business enterprises will allow Liberty Lake to be more diverse. Providing technology, and computer-based businesses, manufacturing, and product development to health and healing, coffee and car washes, restaurants, fast food, lawn care, automotive, to insurance, and eldercare. A healthy economy needs all and more.


Q: The importance of the conversations relating to traffic in Liberty Lake centers on the impact and overall health of the community, and the foreseeable adverse effects on our quality of life, should nothing change.

It is essential to note that various issues affecting the community are experienced differently by its citizens and while someone may not have a current issue that is traffic related, there may be other areas that impact them depending on their personal view. However, what impacts one individual today during their commute may eventually have an impact on someone else who has not yet considered the consequences. That is why citizen input is essential to every policy decision.

In the case of traffic gridlock and congestion, we become frustrated while waiting in our cars to move on to our destination. Sometimes that frustration filters its way into our personal lives and the lives of others. Eliminating stress by improving our traffic infrastructure, is critical to a vibrant and robust community. Our quality of life is always at stake when traffic infrastructure cannot keep up with efforts that increase our community’s footprint, which must keep pace with growth.

Liberty Lake has several traffic-related issues in its pipeline. For instance, widening areas, roundabouts, frontage improvements, modifications, surfacing, traffic signals, road restriping, and other buildouts in the region that contribute to the conversations. What was once an enjoyable drive can turn into a nightmare in some areas of the city.

Liberty Lake’s policy-makers, staff, engineers, and expert consultants are working towards practical ways to improve the traffic infrastructure conditions. But these things take time.

Q: What action will you take as councilmember/mayor to help address growing concerns about traffic in Liberty Lake?

I most certainly would:

  1. Encourage community participation – as it remains a top priority for our quality of life.
  2. Ensure proper funding is available, and all financing contingencies are accounted for if necessary and or required.
  3. Educate and inform the community on EVERY ASPECT of what it takes to make improvements to our transportation infrastructure—have more meetings if necessary, leave no stone unturned.
  4. Ensure that new development includes cutting-edge traffic and transportation technology—forecasting—stay ready, proactive, not reactive.
  5. Continue to review the entire comprehensive plan (prior and current) as it relates to the whole of Liberty Lake’s roadways and traffic corridors.
  6. Continue to advocate for additional express bus routes and pick up locations so that more residents can participate in the service.
  7. Continue to partner with WSDOT and our regional partner cities.
  8. Continue to think out of the box on innovative ways for improvement.

Utility Tax

Q: How do you feel about the current Liberty Lake utility tax? Should it be removed, decreased, or increased?

I believe that the current 3% reduction in the utility tax was the appropriate decision for the leadership to make in 2012, having levied an initial 6% tax during the great recession. Looking back at the original imposed 6% tax, in October 2010, I recognize that it was a tough decision, and the discussions with the stakeholders were probably some of the hardest. Sometimes the most challenging choice to make is the only choice available. In the end, the decision-makers made the right decision for the city based on the financial position the city faced at the time—the unforeseen financial crisis was unavoidable.

To educate me and others who may not have been a part of Liberty Lake during that time and to remind those who were initially affected by the negative impact of the imposed tax; our economic sustainability takes on many facets. Decision-makers are required to be knowledgeable and work alongside the professional staff of finance experts to determine, the how, when, and why of our city's spending requirements.

Fortunately, the city has recovered from the previous crisis of 2010 and has built somewhat of a financial cushion, placing us on par with growing and developing cities, protecting our standing and viability. I consider that a plus in the overall scheme of things and would neither remove or decrease the current utility tax, for that reason. There should be no reason to increase taxes. However, we must all consider the importance of having diversified funding sources, if we are to have learned anything at all, especially during unpredictable times. Even with the best professionals and conscientious financial stewards, Liberty Lake was still not immune in 2010.

However, nothing shall be decided without the input of our community stakeholders—in the end relative to how we acquire and spend the city funds, ultimately impacts our entire community's quality of life.

We are in a comfortable position of financial security at the moment. I promise to work diligently with the other members and our entire community if elected. We must keep our eyes on the prize, by continuing to ensure that new revenue funding sources flow into the city. The efforts of our leadership to ensure that our resources are used wisely and that our coffers are more than adequate to meet our everyday and unforeseen needs, in the future, is required. I want to be part of that stewardship moving forward—a considerable responsibility but an opportunity I am ready to take on.


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